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Pure Relocation & Property Search

I have been running my business full-time for a few years now; sourcing properties mainly for investors in the past. In the beginning of 2011 I decided to extend my business activities and set up private property search and a relocation company called Pure Relocation & Property Search.
sarkaPure Relocation & Property Search is a personal, flexible, multi-lingual property acquisition and relocation service provider offering a high-quality, bespoke service for busy, high net-worth individuals, executives and their families. In addition, we offer a comprehensive service to the companies needing to relocate their employees. We are not an estate agent and we act solely on behalf of the client.

I saw the new venture as a culmination of all my professional experience I gained throughout my past careers so I wanted to make sure I would start it with ‘right foot’.

I was told about OBE and the help they offer people like me

While doing my market research and due diligence, a business associate of mine told me about OBE and about the help they offer to start-ups and fairly new businesses. I checked their website and contacted them. I immediately received a response from Lynette Riley who is OBE’s co-ordinator and after discussing my needs, she arranged a meeting with one of their business advisors, Richard, who helped me put together my business plan.

Once I had my initial business plan, I went off working on my new business, launched it and continued marketing myself. Lynette would keep in touch with me on a regular basis to ensure I am doing fine and just to see whether I needed any further help. A few months later I needed to re-evaluate my marketing strategy so Lynette arranged for me a meeting with a marketing advisor, Simon. His expertise was invaluable and despite the fact I had a lot of marketing advice before, I learnt very useful tips and tricks that helped me to focus my marketing just on the things that worked for me. My business is up and running and I know I can always contact Lynette should I need to ask anything.

More than just business advice

OBE doesn’t provide just business advice. Lynette also regularly sends out emails on behalf of OBE informing people about any networking opportunity or business training that may be of interest. I find this absolutely invaluable because I don’t have to keep checking to see what is happening on Oxfordshire’s business scene. I know Lynette will make sure I know about it.

OBE is a great solution for both start-ups and businesses that are planning to move onto the next level. I personally wouldn’t get things as quickly off the ground as I did with the help of Lynette and the OBE team. It is reassuring to know that people from OBE are willing to help and share their knowledge as a part of giving little bit back to the community.

Sarka Naivertova, Pure Relocation & Property Search

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